Who is eligible to become a STARS Researcher?
Any full-time student in the College of Science, Engineering and Technology at Norfolk State University majoring in Allied Health, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Nursing, Physics and Technology.

Must I take extra courses?

What criteria must I meet in order to remain in STARS?

  • Students must maintain a 2.8 GPA

    Must be enrolled full time in one of the following programs:
    i. Biology (except pre-professional)
    ii. Chemistry
    iii. Computer Science
    iv. Engineering/Physics
    v. Mathematics
    vi. Technology

  • Students must receive/provide a minimum of 5 hours of tutoring services per week during the semester.

  • Students must attend all meetings and activities scheduled by the STARS office.

How do I apply to the STARS program?
The STARS office is located in RTC 100. Also, there is an online application to receive a research stipend and tutoring services.

I am a transfer student, can I still apply to STARS?
Yes, any full time student in the School of Science and Technology may apply.